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Innovations in streamlined home sales

Part 1: Paperless real estate transaction coming soon

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Editor's note: The paperless real estate transaction is back in vogue. Big companies, trade groups and entrepreneurs are investing in technology platforms, back-end systems and software to automate the home sale. This three-part series looks at new technologies that are streamlining various parts of the real estate process, making it less cumbersome, costly and time consuming. (See Part 2: Paperless Realtor free to roam and Part 3: Moving to e-mortgages.) Read this and sign here. Turn the page. Read this and sign here. Turn the page. Read this and sign here. It's a familiar mantra in real estate sales. There are dozens of pages of documents associated with real estate transactions, and an elaborate web of communications and exchanges of information between the various players. The end product for consumers can be a long wait for closing and a weighty stack of documents that they don't thoroughly read or understand. Technology is changing this process, bringing the di...