Professional survey nails real estate dimensions

How can I learn my property's boundaries?

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DEAR BOB: We just moved into our home, which was built in 1999. It had one previous owner. It is a corner lot. I am trying to determine where the property lines are located. When we obtained our mortgage, the bank said because we made a $120,000 down payment, we could save some money by not having our lot surveyed. I would like to know where my boundaries are located so I can put up a fence. Any suggestions for a free or cheap way to get me this info? – Tess L. DEAR TESS: Your first stop should be the local county or city recorder's office. There is probably a subdivision map recorded. If you obtained an owner's title insurance policy, most title insurers include a small map showing your lot and its dimensions, such as 50-foot frontage and 75-foot depth. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But without a survey, the title insurer doesn't insure the boundary locations as part of the title policy. To have the lot line "staked" by a professional surveyor, I suggest you spend a few...