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Real estate marketing spend not always smart

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Another beautiful day in Los Angeles and I'm at the corner watching the traffic zoom by as I wait for an opening in the speeding cars. My eye catches a park bench at the corner with the smiling face of "Joe Realtor." I suddenly realize that it's my neighbor's ex-husband grinning back at me. What could make him think that this is a good way to spend his hard-earned money? In a city where everyone drives, is a bus-stop bench a good place to advertise your real estate talents? Who is reading his sign? If you don't own a car in L.A., can you afford a house? Later that day on the way to the movies with a real estate agent friend, I asked him what he thought of the bench ad. This guy sends out a lot of promotional junk to the people in his farm area. "I would NEVER do that," he adamantly replied. "Why not?" I innocently asked. "You have your picture on all kinds of crap, including the car wash." "I can't stand the thought of people farting on my face," he replied. "All that hot air."...