Home inspection pitfalls

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Any real estate agent worth his/her salt will recommend that you have inspections done before buying a home. That's good advice. But, completing a thorough home inspection can be easier said than done. One issue is time. Most sellers want their homes inspected as soon as possible after the contract is ratified. But in active markets, like we've seen in recent years, the good inspectors become backlogged. It can be difficult to line up the inspector you want on short notice. Multiple offers are still common in many areas, although the incidence is waning in areas where the inventories of homes for sale are growing. If you're in a multiple offer competition for a home you really want to buy, you may need to have the home inspected before you make an offer. This way, you can make an offer that doesn't include an inspection contingency and have a better chance of winning the contest. Still, this means you need to have the inspection done quickly. Even if you are successful at arranging for...