How to avoid extra probate court costs and delays

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DEAR BOB: My father died almost a year ago. My mother lives in their house but she has done nothing about the title. My father's will left the house to her. Should she do something about the estate? – Will W. DEAR WILL: Yes. After a property owner dies, the title must be changed. If this is not done, costly problems often develop later. To illustrate, suppose your mother decides to sell the house. She lists it with a Realtor who finds an acceptable buyer. But your mother won't be able to deliver marketable title until your late father's name is cleared from the title. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If title were held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, it is usually very simple for the surviving joint tenant to clear the title by recording a certified copy of the death certificate and the affidavit of survivorship required in most states. However, if your late father held title in his name alone, and passed the house to his surviving spouse by his will, a probate co...