Leather restoration for an antique stool

Re-upholstering poses problems

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Q: I purchased an antique ice cream parlor stool at a garage sale. I'm thinking it is from the 1930s or '40s. It had horrible upholstery, and when I ripped it off I found an original turquoise and orange leather seat. My problem is that someone glued foam to it and I can't get it off without damaging the leather. The base is white porcelain over iron and designed to be bolted to the floor. Is there any hope or do I have to re-upholster it? It isn't in the best of condition and the leather is brittle, but still beautiful. A: We believe there's a good chance you can restore your antique stool, but most likely you will need professional help. It sounds like a neat piece and well worth your effort to restore it. During Kevin's younger days, when he was working construction, he would often spend rainy days "swattin' flies and tellin' lies" with his friend Fred Stone, an upholsterer who used to own a shop in Alameda, Calif. During these sessions he watched Fred tear down and rebuild many ...