Concern erupts over transferring real estate title into living trust

Will mortgage lender insist we immediately pay loan in full?

DEAR BOB: Our home has a mortgage. After reading your many articles on the topic, we are convinced we should transfer the title into a joint living trust to avoid probate costs and delays for our two daughters after we are gone. But our mortgage has about 12 years remaining. Can we create a living trust although our home has an existing mortgage? – Tony C. DEAR TONY: Yes. An existing mortgage won't prevent you from transferring title for your home into a revocable living trust. Although it is highly unlikely, if your mortgage lender notices the title transfer to your living trust, just supply the lender with a copy of your living trust showing you are the beneficiaries. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Your mortgage lender cannot enforce the due-on-sale clause when you transfer title into your living trust. For more details, please consult a local real estate attorney. NO TAX ON BORROWED FUNDS DEAR BOB: We own a free-and-clear rental property, worth around $600,000. But it...