How can mom get name off of son’s real estate loan?

Delinquent payments hurt credit score

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DEAR BOB: About two years ago, I foolishly co-signed a home loan for my 26-year-old son so he and his wife could buy a home. That proved to be a major mistake. About a year later, she divorced him. I don't blame her. But that's another story. He is a cross-country independent truck driver, often gone a week or two at a time. He earns very good money hauling specialized freight, even after paying the high fuel costs. It's hard work, but he loves the adventure. He has more job load orders than he can handle, as he is very dependable. But my problem is he often "forgets" to pay his home mortgage. As a result, his late payments hurt my credit rating, which is down to only 610 FICO. I have already recorded a quit claim deed to get my name off the title to his house. How can I get my name off his mortgage? P.S. There should be a law against co-signing mortgages – Claudia H. DEAR CLAUDIA: Until you can get your son to refinance his mortgage or sell the house, your name will always rema...