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Paperless realty tech guru conquers marathon

Real Estate Connect NYC Speaker Profile

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Brad Dick is senior vice president of ZODAS, a leading document protection and paperless transaction system for the real estate industry. Over the past four years, ZODAS has grown from a system developed specifically for one top 50 real estate brokerage into the system most used among Century 21 brokerages and the most widely used in the Midwest. The company has worked to set itself apart by being designed not only for real estate brokers but also by real estate brokers. Dick will speak at Real Estate Connect in New York City, Jan. 9-11, 2005. Panel or session at Connect: The Paperless Real Estate Transaction – The Component Parts. What are your current or childhood nicknames? The only nickname that I have is Brad, which is short for Bradley. Not very exciting, I know. Which daily newspaper do you read and which section of the newspaper do you read first? Indianapolis Star, and I always read the cover sections first. What's the most unusual thing you've ever packed in a suitcas...