Real estate marketing reaps Internet profits

New book helps agents tackle online lead generation

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Although several other excellent books for realty agents show how to profit from Internet home buyers and sellers, by far the best one is "Real Estate Rainmaker: Guide to Online Marketing" by Dan Gooder Richard. This very detailed book, written by an experienced real estate sales agent and consultant to many of the nation's most successful realty agents, shows how to capitalize on home buyers and sellers searching for reliable local agents. The author explains virtually every topic savvy realty agents need to know to understand the fundamentals of Internet real estate marketing and how to convert Internet home buyers and sellers into lifetime clients. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Richard doesn't emphasize one-time quick realty sales. Instead, he shows how smart realty agents use the Internet to locate lifetime buyers and sellers, promptly answer their questions, and serve their needs whether they want to buy or sell now or in the future. What makes this innovative book very ...