Linoleum floor removal trickier than it looks

Prepare for sore muscles, possible HAZMAT intervention

Q: What is the easiest and most effective way to remove linoleum from concrete so that I can put tile in its place? Do you think using a propane torch would work? A: This brings back some painful memories. One of the projects Kevin undertook while working as a remodeling contractor was to reconvert a family room in an already converted garage into a tiled spa, complete with hot tub and garden windows. The plan called for installing a ceramic tile floor over the existing garage slab. But, and this is a big but, when the garage was originally converted to a family room, asphalt tile flooring was installed. To set the new tile, the old floor had to be removed. The project turned out great, but in the process Kevin got to know more than he ever wanted to know about removing resilient flooring from concrete. Unfortunately, there is no easy way that we know of to remove linoleum, or for that matter asphalt or vinyl flooring, from a concrete slab. We've tried it a couple ways, both by han...