Buyers learn the ropes of successful home ownership

New book gives tips on renovation, property maintenance

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Whether you just bought your house or condo, or have owned it several years, Robert Irwin's latest book, "Tips and Traps for New Home Owners," will answer most of your questions after home purchase. Although it begins a little "soft" and "unfocused," such as generally discussing insurance and refinancing, by the book's conclusion it becomes highly focused, even with details such as recommending furnace brands. Although home buyers and realty agents won't be harmed by reading this book, it is aimed at new homeowners who have questions that often arise during ownership. Irwin, an experienced real estate broker and investor, as well as prolific realty book author, shares his expert advice on topics that homeowners often consider. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. For example, he emphasizes the criteria for determining whether home renovation is desirable and is likely to be profitable. Roof repairs, Irwin cautions, are advantageous and usually inexpensive whereas roof replacement is u...