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High-priced real estate market spurs unique search methods

Family fails with agents, reaches out to area homeowners

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A couple who is looking to buy a home in the ritzy, wooded community of Hillsborough, south of San Francisco, has used an unconventional search tool: snail mail. Steve Navarro and wife Ivana Fabbri, who live in the nearby community of San Mateo, worked with a Realtor to prepare and mail letters to hundreds of Hillsborough property owners. Navarro said his family had put in several full-price offers on homes in Hillsborough but have so far not been able to purchase a home there. "We've worked with a Realtor and then we found out that maybe it's better to work with a bunch of Realtors," Navarro said. "We found out that doesn't work – or hasn't worked for us – and we thought we'd try this approach." Sam Kaykin, a Realtor who is a commercial property specialist for RE/MAX Today, suggested using the letters to help find a home, Navarro said. Kaykin, who has worked with Navarro in several commercial property investments, provided a contact list for 550 Hillsborough homeowners wh...