Risks to buying fixer-upper real estate

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Despite all the advantages and the ease of finding and buying flipper properties, there are possible disadvantages to buying such homes. Luckily, there are ways to overcome them. Financing your flipper acquisitions might be a problem unless you plan ahead. But large amounts of cash and good credit are not needed to acquire and flip real estate for fast cash profits. The reason is you won't be applying for new mortgage financing at a bank. If you need cash, such as for the down payment or improvements, borrow on your bank credit line, credit cards, and/or from an equity credit lender. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Yes, the interest rate will be higher than the prime rate, but you will only need the borrowed cash for less than a year until you fix-up, flip, or refinance the property. If you are going to be living in the house, a bank home equity line of credit can be especially easy to obtain and economical (usually at the prime rate or even lower). Your quick resale flipper pr...