Home sellers feel wronged by inspector-turned-repairman

Second opinion may have avoided conflict of interest

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DEAR BOB: When we put our home on the market for sale last August, the Realtor recommended we have it professionally inspected. She suggested a home inspector she said was very good. Neither my wife nor I was able to accompany the inspector. We later learned from your articles that that was a major mistake, as home buyers and sellers should always accompany their inspectors. But our realty agent accompanied him. He came up with a "laundry list" of repairs, which should be made before putting our house up for sale. Reluctantly, we agreed to hire his company, which cost us about $6,500. We have no complaints about the work quality, just the high price. The home sold quickly for nearly our asking price so we were happy. Since then, I talked with several local Realtors about our home sale. They were shocked that the home inspector is also in the repair business. Was it a mistake to hire the inspector to do the repairs? – Roger R. DEAR ROGER: Yes. It is a gross conflict of interest f...