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Global real estate bubble may ‘deflate’

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Predictions of a "global house-price bubble" are intensifying, according to, a real estate information portal. The company cites common threads linking "the rising tide that lifts all boats" in housing markets worldwide. Homeowners have experienced the lowest real interest rates worldwide in many decades, a low rate of inflation, and lackluster equity and bond market performance, for example. These factors have contributed to rising house prices, followed by asset growth and, occasionally, by profit taking, the company reported. "Conversely, there are common denominators, which could cause the unraveling of the global housing boom," ResearchWorldwide reported this month. "A major economic or political shock, such as soaring oil prices, a significant interest rate hike, or the outbreak of a major war could negatively affect homeowners' confidence levels." A severe hike in U.S. interest rates could damage the U.S. and global economy, the company noted. "An alterna...