Whip your home extension cords into shape

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Professional or do-it-yourselfer, if you've done any kind of project around the outside of your home, you know the value of a good extension cord. But extension cords, by the very nature of their length and types of situations in which they are typically used, are much more prone to damage than other types of cords. Left un-repaired, even minor damage can quickly turn into a serious safety risk. Exterior extension cords have a tough outer jacket that is designed to protect the inner wires. If that jacket is damaged, the softer inner insulation around the wires can become damaged more easily, so the first step in extension cord safety is to check the overall condition of the outside of the cord. Starting at one end, examine the entire length of the cord to check for nicks, cuts, crimps, abrasions or other damage to the outside jacket.  First of all, if the jacket is damaged, don't reach for the duct tape! Damage to the outer jacket of an exterior extension cord – or any co...