Preparing to make retirement move

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Making a retirement move can be daunting. It involves a complicated decision-making process. When should you make the move? Where do you want to live? What kind of care will you need? How much can you afford? The mere thought that a retirement move could be your last move is enough to stop many seniors in their tracks. Deciding where to move is never easy. There are arguments for staying in the community where you've lived for most of your life. You still have friends in the area. You have doctors with whom you've developed relationships over the years. You know the area; it's familiar. This can be a comfort during later years. On the other hand, many seniors prefer to be close to children and grandchildren. This could mean moving to a community in which they've never lived before. The trade off is having family close by, which can add significantly to one's quality of life. Seniors who are still independent, but who want a simpler lifestyle, may decide to make their retirement mo...