Home maintenance book provides ideas but not details

Excitement lacking for repairs

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When I picked up "The Ultimate Home and Property Maintenance Manual" by Joe Beck, I was hoping for a solid reference book to which I can refer when a home fix-it problem arises. However, I was disappointed because this is a very simple home repair guide for the easiest problems without much detail in the explanations. Although there are many black-and-white photos throughout the book showing the repair topics, none offered details about how to make necessary repairs. The photo captions are often downright stupid and simplistic such as, "Shingles work hard to keep your house dry, so you don't have to" and "Windows that are kept clean and well lubricated stay attractive for years." Duh! Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. I have the feeling Sears Craftsman either paid or made some arrangement with the author to get its tools and equipment pictured throughout the book. Surely, there must be other tools of equal or better quality to be recommended. These photos from one supplier made me ...