High-power tool rids home of dirt, moss

Pressure-washer rental may be a one-time deal

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Q: You've told us how to maintain our wooden decks, now please help those of us with brick patios. My uncovered brick patio is on the north side of a house built in the early 1930s. Although the slope of the patio is adequate for good drainage, the rain and fog and lack of sunlight mean that the brick is damp and shady much of the winter so that moss grows on many bricks. Can you suggest a maintenance procedure to kill the moss or at least inhibit its growth? A: Most often we recommend using a pressure washer to clean decks, patios and house siding. A pressure washer (either electric or gasoline-powered) converts water from your garden hose into a pressurized jet. The water may be adjusted from a pencil-like stream to a fanlike spray. Cleaning solvents can be mixed with the water to help with particularly tough jobs. By far the best way to clean siding, clean a wooden deck or control moss on a brick patio is to blow the dirt and moss away with a pressure washer. Pressure washers may...