House colors ride the line of good taste

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A while back I happened to catch a popular radio host discussing some guy in Florida who'd painted his house in his old fraternity colors – purple and gold. Predictably, the man's neighbors were up in arms. Now, as offensive as a purple-and-gold house might sound to you, hearing the way the talk show host carried on about it was worse. It was an outrage, he declared in so many words, that people could simply paint their houses any color they pleased, and by golly, there should be a way to stop them from doing it. It was a classic argument for the Taste Police. The talk show host's callers threw an even feebler light on the matter. With barely-masked disdain for "ethnic" color preferences, they gleefully ridiculed other people who, God forbid, had painted their houses orange or pink or electric blue. At best, this sort of thinking is provincial. At worst it's just plain racist. America's demographics are changing, and along with many other things that belong in the dustbin of h...