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Home ownership offers solution to retirement

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The article titled, "Social Security dollars could fuel another real estate boom," offers some intriguing opportunities to all of us who would like to see the outcome of the Social Security debate stimulate the growth in home ownership in the United States. After all, the single biggest source of retirement savings for most homeowners is the equity they have built up in their home. If you make it possible for more people to become homeowners and for young people to buy a home sooner than they can today, their home equity growth will start sooner and grow larger. Our nation's aggregate retirement savings will be larger. But how could changes that would make that happen come out of the Social Security debate as it is currently being framed? While the debate over the president's Personal Retirement Account concept will be extremely contentious, Democrats and Republicans alike agree on the underlying fact that we need to stimulate more savings for retirement. The president's proposal is ...