Good laughs accompany real estate investment book

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The most unusual real estate book I have ever reviewed is "What No One Ever Tells You About Investing in Real Estate" by Robert J. Hill II. It contains 112 mini-chapters about realty investor experiences and lessons to be learned from those stories. Many of the stories are humorous. Others are educational with a lesson to be learned. Additional stories should be sub-titled "don't let this happen to you as a real estate investor." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The author, Robert J. Hill II, is a Nashville real estate attorney. He is also an active investor in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. Apparently intrigued by the stories he heard from fellow investors at the local realty investor's club Christmas party, perhaps after a few sips of the egg nog, he decided to collect and publish stories from fellow investors. This unusual book is the fascinating result. As I read the 112 investor stories, I often felt "Tell me more details." Some of the stories are far too short. To gathe...