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A perfect online real estate lead marriage

Real estate innovator - Part 3: Web site designer pairs with brokerage

Editor's note: We scoured the industry in search of behind-the-scenes technology innovators driving change for real estate. In this special Inman News series, we share their stories, but the five people and companies we chose are by no means the only pioneers in real estate. There are hordes of innovators out there, and we'd like to hear all their stories. Drop us a tip if you have someone in mind. (See Part 1: Age doesn't stop Baird & Warner's innovations; Part 2: Neighborhood real estate videos come alive; Part 4: Bridging islands of real estate technology and Part 5: 'Lazy' investor turned tech pioneer.) "The philosophy is not us taking technology and trying to apply it to real estate. It's analyzing how real estate business is done and figuring out how technology can facilitate it," says Jonathan Blood, vice president of sales and marketing for real estate design shop Delta Media Group. Known for its pioneering lead technology, the Canton, Ohio-ba...