Toilet trouble leads to lesson in plunging

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Q: I just moved into a newer rental, and have an embarrassing problem. The bathroom toilet seems to clog up regularly. My older place didn't have this problem. What's the difference and how do I unclog the new one? A: New water-saving toilets are becoming commonplace in most apartments and homes. Part of the new wave of conservation law, these nifty 1.5-gallon models were designed to use less water than their 5- to 7-gallon ancestors. Unfortunately, these newer beauties have less "oomph" when it comes down to flushing generous loads. They especially loathe tampons and other "flushable" items that the older models could accommodate. "Plumbing is one of the largest maintenance issues we have; since it's most used, more opportunities for problems arise," said manager Jim Stilton who handles more than 500 units in Los Angeles. Got a toilet clog? If you're handy, take the plunge. With a plunger, that is. Available at any hardware store, a decent extended-cup-type plunger should help yo...