Real estate a prime investment for IRA funds

Couple buys property to build retirement savings

Didn't know you could invest in real estate for your Individual Retirement Account? Last week, we took a quick look at the growing practice of acquiring real estate for a self-directed retirement account. This week, let's take a peek at a real example of how a forty-something couple got it done. Terry and Molly Rausch, high-school sweethearts who grew up on a mountain lake and later got married during a huge gathering on its western shore, used real estate IRAs to acquire a large waterfront parcel they knew would appreciate tremendously in the next two decades. Charley Stevens had lived in a small cabin on the lake's south shore for as long as anyone could remember. The lake road bisected his property, separating the steep uphill portion above the road from the short waterfront parcel that held his cabin. One day, out of the blue, the property was listed for sale. The property, with 188 feet of waterfront and a skeleton dock, sat on the market for months, then years. The listing p...