How to negotiate best prices, terms in real estate transaction

Use time, local market conditions to your advantage

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Although all the key real estate negotiation components are important to every negotiation, it's time to focus on the other key components of any negotiation. Remember, all these components apply to every negotiation, whether you are buying or selling real estate, a car a refrigerator, or anything else. 1 – TIME DEADLINES. The time deadlines (if any) of each party to a negotiation are extremely important for a successful negotiation. However, in real estate negotiations, it pays to be aware that some buyers and sellers have no deadlines. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. To illustrate, most of us have met homeowners who will sell if they can get their asking price. That's why unsolicited purchase offers at attractive prices for real estate are often successful, especially for vacant land sales. Out-of-town absentee owners are often agreeable to accepting an unsolicited purchase offer because they have been thinking about selling but never quite got around to doing so. That a...