Missing co-owner puts real estate sale on hold

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DEAR BOB: About six years ago, my three siblings and I inherited our father's four properties located in two states. Fortunately, all the properties are rented and producing good income. But we now want to sell these properties to take advantage of today's excellent real estate market and values. However, the problem is we can't find one sister. Last we heard, she is living someplace in India with a religious group. My brother made a trip to India to locate her, but he was unable to find her. She hasn't communicated with any of us or her college or high school friends for at least five years. The last we saw her was at our father's funeral where she seemed rather "spaced out." How can we sell these properties without her presence? – Ruth R. DEAR RUTH: I will presume title to the four properties was conveyed by your father's estate in probate proceedings to the four siblings. Because the three available siblings want to sell, it appears you will need a court partition sale order ...