When is mold considered a health-and-safety issue?

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Question: I have been renting my apartment for nearly three years now. My kitchen floor under the stove is coming up and there is mildew forming on the kitchen walls and bathroom, including the bathroom window inside the shower. While I have certainly seen it in my life, I am not a fan of mold, mildew or any other type mold or fungus. I am at a point to where I want to move just because of the disgust. I like the apartment though, but I cannot stand the mildew. I don't know who to call on this issue. The apartments are very old and I don't know my rights as a tenant. What do I do? Property Manager Griswold replies: This issue has received considerable media attention in the past few years, particularly since the Environmental Protection Agency issued its guidelines on mildew and mold in the spring of 2001. You should immediately notify the management company and the landlord in writing and ask them to immediately address this issue, as mildew or mold can be a serious health issue for c...