Debunking the myths of bathroom design

Some silly architectural customs never quit

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Some myths about bathroom design just won't seem to die – people subscribe to them out of custom more than anything else. But don't let your bathroom project be hobbled by a lot of obsolete ideas. Like these: Myth: Bathrooms should be planned back to back, so that they can share piping and therefore save on plumbing costs. Fact: Bathrooms should be planned to be good bathrooms. If they happen to end up being back to back, all the better, but there's no sense constraining your design for the sake of a few extra yards of pipe. If it makes more sense to separate them, knock yourself out. Myth: Bathroom counters should be 32 inches high. Fact: Thirty-two inches is the perfect height, all right – if Judy Garland just dropped into your village on a cyclone. For nearly everyone else, it's much too low for comfortable washing, brushing, or anything else. Ignore this silly so-called standard, and feel free to make your counters any height that suits you. If you're comfortable work...