Understanding real estate easements

Is someone using part of your property without permission?

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Not many weeks ago, I wrote about adverse possession and "squatter's rights" for legally stealing title to real estate belonging to another owner. Just in case you missed it, that article explained the legal requirements of "open, notorious and hostile occupancy," plus payment of property taxes, for the required number of years in the state where the property is located. To my surprise, that article provided many questions about the related subject of obtaining easements over a property, with or without the owner's permission. I thought every property owner knew about easements. But I was sure wrong. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. WHAT IS AN EASEMENT? An easement is the legal right to use part of a real estate owner's property. Examples are the right to use a driveway, path or garden area of a neighbor's property. Most easements are obtained by permission, such as for a utility easement over your property. To illustrate, the city has a 5-foot-wide easement along the northerly ...