New book schools sellers on home inspections

Right preparations secure top-dollar sale

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Whether you are a seller preparing your home for sale, a homeowner who wants to properly maintain your house, a savvy realty agent who wants to understand how a professional home inspector views houses, or a home buyer, reading "The Inspector's Guide: Prepare Your House for Sale" by Bob Reemsnyder will be profitable reading. The author is an experienced professional home inspector who has conducted several thousand inspections. He has discovered virtually every home inspection situation by crawling under houses, climbing into attics, and even finding unexpected "guests" such as mice, rats, raccoons, snakes and spiders where they aren't supposed to be. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. This easy-reading book is aimed primarily at home sellers who are preparing their residences for sale. Reemsnyder advises having a professional home inspection before listing the home for sale so the seller knows what the buyer's professional inspector will discover. The author recommends fixing easily ...