Second homes lure Americans south of the border

Marina communities afloat in Mexico

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SAN DIEGO – A second home is not just about single-family dwellings. According to your friendly United States Internal Revenue Service, a second home can be a boat or recreational vehicle as long as it has sleeping, cooking and bathroom facilities. You can also deduct the mortgage interest on a boat or RV as long as they are used as security for the loan. While boats and RVs have been extremely popular for decades, the boat and yacht component is really on the upswing south of the border, down Mexico way. That's because the country believes it has found a way to further promote tourism (Mexico is now ranked 10th worldwide) and make a buck at the same time by appealing to visiting watercraft enthusiasts. Originally, the marine plan was called the Nautical Ladder (Escalera Nautica), a series of 27 marinas constructed on both sides of Baja California and on the mainland of Mexico. The chain, seeking to lure the 1.6 million boaters in the U.S. southwest plus others, was schedul...