Why isn’t my home selling?

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Let's say your neighbor's house sold in about 15 minutes for way over the asking price. His house had a bit of a view and yours has none. But your house seems fairly priced, the inventory is low and yet your home is unsold. Why isn't your home selling when others are? If you're selling in what you hear is a sizzling market, it's easy to lull yourself into false expectations. Are all home sellers in your area really selling their homes in a flash? Probably not. It's hard to decipher what's really going on. Real estate is a hot topic of conversation. Neighborhood gossip is prone to exaggeration. Two offers can turn into five as news of a new sale travels through the rumor mill. HOME SELLER TIP: To find out what really is going on requires a fact-finding foray that's best done with the help of your listing agent. Ask your agent to provide you with a list of all the homes in your price range that were listed around the time your home went on the market, and all those that have come on t...