How to find and create your dream home

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Don't get turned off by the ugly cover of "Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to Your Dream Home" by architect Dennis Wedlick. The book is much better than the odd-shaped house on the cover. In fact, the mostly beautiful color photos make this almost a "coffee table quality" home design book. This is not a book for first-time home buyers who are stretching their budgets. Rather, it is for homeowners who either want to move up to a nicer house or condo, or who are considering remodeling their present home rather than moving. In other words, it is an idea book. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Author Dennis Wedlick is a New York City architect specializing in helping people find and design their dream homes. For some, he explains, it will be making the best of a good location, such as a New York City condo. For others, it will be renovating a suburban home or perhaps a second home in the country. Wedlick shares his clients' many dream-home experiences. There are several before and after ...