Land grab avoided with owner’s title insurance policy

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DEAR BOB: Twelve years ago, I bought some rural land and received a warranty deed. My seller has been dead at least 10 years. I have leased the property all these years to a farmer who grazes his cattle there. Now an adjoining farmer (not my tenant) claims about seven acres of my fenced land belongs to him. He threatens to sue me for using his land for the 12 years I have been allegedly using his land. What should I do? – Althea W. DEAR ALTHEA: A warranty deed, used in many states, warrants that the seller conveys valid title to the buyer. However, a warranty deed is only as good as the seller's honesty. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. As with any deed, the buyer should always insist on receiving an owner's title insurance policy from a reliable title insurance company. With rural land, a survey is usually made at the time of the sale and the survey is insured as part of the buyer's title policy. If you did not receive an owner's title policy, insuring a survey of your la...