Home builder to blame for poor dryer vent construction

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Q: The design of the dryer vent in our home is very bad, and appears to have been something the builder did just to get the house on the market. It vents up to the roof, over 30 feet, and as a result the performance of our dryer has suffered. I can't vent to an outside wall, but the garage is right behind the laundry room so I vented the dryer there. I purchased a venting system with a water container at the end, and so far it seems to be working fine, with no lint buildup that I have seen.  We are in our 60s and don't use the dryer very often, and I wanted your advice on what you thought. –Carl F. A: There are two reasons that a dryer needs to vent to the outside of a building. One is to remove lint from the system, which should never be allowed to build up in the dryer or in an attic or crawlspace. Lint seems pretty harmless, and many people do not realize just how highly flammable and dangerous a buildup can be.  The second is that the moisture that is being remo...