Condo board secretary fired after uncovering fraud scheme

Management attempts to conceal theft, illegal dues hikes

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DEAR BOB: I am a five-year resident of my condo complex. My father-in-law holds the title to my condo. I have been attending the board meetings, questioning the budget and working to reduce expenses. To become a member of the board, I collected a majority of signatures for an amendment allowing resident non-owners with approval of the owners to serve on the board. The board unanimously appointed me the secretary. But when reviewing our documents and budget, I found gross negligence, illegal dues increases (30 percent last year), theft by the management company, and more. After I pointed out these errors and questioned expenses, the board president kicked me off the board. Our complex is in need of major repairs, which are ignored. I believe the board president and the management company are profiting from our dues. I really love my condo home and don't want it to deteriorate further. What should I do? – Tabatha W. DEAR TABATHA: As a non-owner, you are not legally secure trying t...