Roommate chaos erupts when job loss hits household

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Question: My roommate has become a flake. She lost her job a few months ago and basically moved her boyfriend into our rental without my permission. But he isn't working either and has no money. Each month we would typically pay our respective 50 percent share of the rent directly to the landlord, but some months I covered a portion of her share. Since we moved in two years ago, I have consistently paid my share of the rent but my roommate is now only paying a portion of her share. Apparently, she lied to me and didn't pay any of her portion of the rent last month. I have just learned that my roommate hid the fact that the landlord had served us a legal notice for non-payment. I have contacted the landlord and tried to explain the situation but she tells me that my problems with my roommate are not legitimate excuses to not pay the rent. While I understand her position, I was able to negotiate that if we leave immediately the landlord will drop the legal action and we can make payment...