Reader gets schooled in shed construction

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Q: I would like to build a shed to house a tractor and a couple of pieces of equipment. It would be about 18 feet by 20 feet, open at the front and back, and slope from 8 feet high in front to 7 1/2 feet in the back. I would like to use six 6-inch posts in concrete, and tie everything together with 2x6 rafters. Is this suitable for a building this size? -Tom A., via e-mail A: For the size of the building you are contemplating, I think the lumber sizes you're proposing are too small, both the number of posts and the size of the rafters. Also, a 6-inch slope over a span of either 18 or 20 feet (depending on which is the width and which is the length) is pretty flat, and you'd be better off with more slope. In most areas, a building this size will require a building permit (some jurisdictions have exceptions for buildings used strictly for agricultural purposes). I would strongly suggest that you talk with your local building department to determine if a permit is going to be required,...