20 great questions every home buyer should ask

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If you are a complete novice home buyer, "20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home," by Connie and Ronald Price, is a good place to start learning the basic home purchase fundamentals. The best parts of the book are the 20 key questions. While some of the answers are superb, other answers are vague generalities. The authors, one of whom is a real estate agent and the other is a professional writer, seem to have intended to write a bland book filled with generalities and very little specific advice. Real-life examples would have greatly improved the book. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. For example, when they mention professional home inspections, they fail to alert buyers how to locate top-quality home inspectors. Instead, they say to ask the real estate agent for inspector recommendations. Unfortunately, many agents recommend the "easy inspectors" who often overlook significant home defects. Instead, the authors could have recommended hiring a member of the American Society of...