Inaccurate real estate listing invites lawsuit

Is home seller or realty agent liable for mistake?

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DEAR BOB: My wife and I bought our home a little over three years ago. According to the listing, it is supposed to be 2,083 square feet. The data was supplied by the realty agent. But the public records, confirmed with the county tax assessor's office, show the recorded square footage is only 1,889. That's quite a difference. Do we have good cause for legal recourse and damages because the square footage was misrepresented by the seller and/or realty agent? Should we have the house professionally measured? Should our agent have checked the square footage prior to the sale? – George W. DEAR GEORGE: You didn't say where the house is located and what the typical construction or valuation price per square foot is. But 194 "missing" square feet at $100 per square foot is $19,400. That's not "petty cash." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Start with the seller's and realty agent's written representation. Did it include a disclaimer (as it should)? If it said something like "Informa...