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New click-to-talk system enters real estate realm

PrivateTel lets buyers connect with agents

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PrivateTel, a privacy-oriented telecommunications company, today announced the launch of Click-and-Connect, a customer relationship management technology for real estate firms that enables home buyers to connect by telephone with real estate agents with the click of a mouse. The technology allows home buyers to dial up a real estate agent by clicking on a property listing when they are surfing the Web. The service also delivers business analytics that enable real estate firms to better target local advertising and improve the online sales experience, according to the announcement. The Click-and-Connect system places calls to the home buyer and agent, connects the phone calls as soon as they are answered, and protects the privacy of both parties. The system keeps confidential all parties' phone numbers, according to a company description of the service. Calls are automatically announced as Click-and-Connect calls when each party answers their phone. "Click-and-Connect is a strategi...