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Four indicted for identity theft charges in mortgage scheme

Defendants face up to 30 years in prison

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Four individuals in the Boston area were indicted Thursday for bank fraud and aggravated identity theft charges related to a scheme involving the use of stolen identities to obtain mortgage loans, the U.S. Attorney's office said. The indictment details charges against Charlotine Pierre, 26, of Saugus, Mass.; Dotty Pierre, 25, of Saugus, Mass.; Provilon Duverge, 29, of Saugus, Mass.; and Frantzcia Pierre, 25, of Everett, Mass. Defendants allegedly used stolen identity information to obtain mortgages worth more than $800,000, according to the indictment and documents previously filed with the court. Four of the defendants allegedly attempted to obtain financing to purchase a home in Saugus using the stolen information of one individual. Dotty Pierre also allegedly obtained financing to purchase a second home in Lynn using the stolen identity information of another person, according to the indictment. If convicted, the defendants each face up to 30 years in prison, followed by fiv...