Survey error leaves fence vulnerable to teardown

Neighbors upset over minor encroachment

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DEAR BOB: In 1971 I purchased my home. At that time, I had the property surveyed and then paid a reputable fence company to install a fence on the property line. Recently, the children of my deceased neighbor inherited the house next door and had the property surveyed. They informed me their survey reveals my fence is 1 inch on their property. They wish to remove my fence because they claim the fence belongs to them. Can they remove the fence that I paid for? Can I claim adverse possession of my neighbor's property where my fence is located? – Carl L. DEAR CARL: Wow! It's hard to believe there are nasty people out there like your new neighbors. Fortunately, you have a legal remedy. But it might cost you a few dollars for legal fees. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If your survey was insured in your owner's title insurance policy you received when you bought your property in 1971, then your title insurer insured its accuracy. Be sure to notify your title insurer of this poss...