First-timers find a place to call home

Part 1: How to start investing in real estate

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There are many methods to become very wealthy, or just modestly wealthy, with your real estate investments. Although I have personally done "pretty good" investing in real estate, many of my friends, college real estate students and subscribers have done much better. I'm extremely happy for them! This four-part series will explore the question: Why do I want to invest in real estate? (See Part 2: Single-family homes best spot to sink money; Part 3: Fast real estate profits require elbow grease and Part 4: Successful realty investors think 'long-term.') 1. I want to own my personal residence. This is the very best reason for getting started on your real estate investment career. Whether your home is a single-family detached house, a townhome, a condominium or a cooperative apartment, it will be probably the best investment you will ever make. That's right! Your home is not only a place to live, but it will probably be your best real estate investment. Purchase Bob Bruss reports on...