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‘Raving fans’ help build real estate biz

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All industries recognize the power of the testimonial. Are you putting this valuable tool to work in your business? The last two columns have looked at how to capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing. Testimonials from raving fans are a powerful way to build your business. On the other side of the coin, negative word of mouth about your business can wreak havoc within a very short period of time. Many real estate professionals focus almost exclusively on marketing and advertising. Spending money will make the phone ring. The real issue few people address, however, is the process that takes place between the time the consumer sees your advertising and the time they pick up the phone to contact you. Most real estate advertising focuses on properties for sale or on the agent's accomplishments. An open house visitor may like you, but how do they know you are the best person to represent their interests? A visitor to your Web site may use the content and tools you provide and then tu...