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Figure out where you fall into the mix, and then use these guidelines to see which tools and strategies will strengthen your natural skills
Today 12:25 A.M.
If you’re in favor of a carveout for real estate from the Dynamex decision, get busy letting your assembly members know exactly how you feel
Apr 9
We know how important we are to the transaction — it's time everyone else knows too
Apr 1
Don’t spend tons of money on marketing or leads — focus on being you, connecting with people and giving unforgettable service they can’t help but tell others about
Mar 25
More on why those powerhouse attorneys might not be as dangerous as we think
Mar 19
Powerhouse class action attorneys aren't real estate savvy — and that's the Achilles heel of this not-so-strong suit
Mar 16
Trying to dodge the flames? Keep these strategies in your pocket
Mar 11
Keep it classy, smart, attractive and honest, and you might end up face-to-face with a prospect
Mar 4