Bernice's Stories
When the market doesn't want your listing
Rethink pricing, staging and neighborhood borders before giving up on that unsold listing
Today 1:00 A.M.
How to travel ‘The Road to Recognition’
A step-by-step process for creating and marketing an effective brand and using it to convert leads
Jun 19
How 3 women overcame adversity in real estate
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Jun 12
How women brokers are reinventing the rules of leadership
Women have the mindset, skills and values necessary to drive the real estate industry into a successful future
Jun 5
The 7 characteristics of mega-producers
Do you have what it takes to be a billion-dollar agent?
May 30
Avoiding the price reduction conversation? 5 tips to nail it
Home prices could be peaking because of rental market shifts; learn to navigate the conversation the right way
May 22
The top listing presentation mistakes and how to avoid them
Talk to (rather than at) your sellers, and ask powerful questions
May 15
Which homeowners will benefit from Trump's tax plan?
Two case studies show how married buyers together making at or beneath the $75,000 would pay less
May 8