Plumbing fixes eliminate sleepless nights

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Q: My basement's sump pump is so noisy that I have to move into the guest room to sleep during periods of heavy rain. The pump has a vertical pipe connecting it to the main outtake pipe leading to the sewer. There is a brass check valve in the connector. When it starts up, I hear hmmmm, then HMMMMMMM, and then a bang (when the valve shuts down). The noise is audible throughout the house but is worse on the side where my master bedroom is because the pipe runs through its wall on the way to the bathroom. I tried to find some insulation material but had no luck. What could I wrap around the valve and pipes to deaden the sound? A: We find it curious that a relatively new pump is that noisy. Perhaps it's defective or maybe it's got some sediment in the impeller. That the noise might come from the check valve in the connection to the sewer pipe is more understandable. This valve is necessary to prevent wastewater from your toilets and sinks from backflowing from the sewer system into th...