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Waiting 5 years to complain about bad house is too long

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DEAR BOB: Five years ago, my husband and I bought our home. After moving in, we immediately noticed the significant sloping floors. For example, there is a 1-inch drop that extends from one bedroom wall to 2.5 feet from the wall. We had to put 1-inch wood blocks under our dressers so they are level. Our refrigerator slopes more than 1 inch from front to back. We discovered the washing machine drain pipe was not connected, and it drained under the house into the crawl space. We had to use lots of plumber's goop to get the pipes to stay connected. I feel sure the sellers knew about these problems. As my child, who weighs 90 pounds, skips through the house, things fall off the walls. Once, all my china fell out of the china cabinet. Our neighbor just told us our house had been moved onto the foundation, as it was not built on site. If we had known about these problems, we would not have purchased. I now realize the importance of getting a professional inspection before home purchase. If w...